VirMax product line was designed specifically to maximize the body's own production, use, and regulation of Nitric Oxide. Nitric Oxide boosts Cyclic-GMP levels, and as a result, sexual experiences are enhanced.

VirMax is an oral supplement which is easily added to an individuals daily regimen and requires no special timing or preparation. It is designed for both men and women of all ages and works with the body to naturally increase Nitric Oxide/Cyclic-GMP levels necessary for increase in sexual performance. Nitric Oxide levels are boosted in the body by combining VirMax's main ingredient Zizyphi Fructus with L-Arginine and other amino acids that act as vasodilators, naturally opening up the body's blood vessels and allowing blood to flow better throughout the entire body, especially to the areas needed for sexual function.

Virmax™ for Men DS specifically designed to provide a spontaneous, reliable, intense, and healthy sexual performance for men of all ages who want to enhance function and feeling.
Virmax™ for Women DS Specifically designed to provide a spontaneous, reliable, intense, and healthy sexual experience for women of all ages who want to enhance sensitivity and feeling.

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