Fulvic Mineral Complex

Vital Earth Fulvic Mineral Complex

Fulvic Mineral Complex is a concentrated plant source of ionic fulvic minerals. It is natural, organic and boosts the body’s natural defenses and supercharges the immune system. It heightens and restores natural functions, energizes cells, and enhances healing.

Balance and Energize

Fulvic can balance and energize the cell life and biological properties it comes into contact with.  If the individual cell is restored to its normal chemical balance and electrical potential, we have given those cells new life.  Cellular energy is a vital key to good health.ds.

Why You Need Fulvic Each and Every Day
Most people don’t think about what their body requires to function in peak form, day after day. Unfortunately, if you’re relying solely on a healthy diet as a means of achieving this, you may be heading for disaster. 

Researchers have known for years that at least 90 nutrients are needed to maintain optimum health.  These nutrients include a minimum of 60-84 minerals, 16 vitamins, 12 amino acids and 3 essential fatty acids.

No matter what conditions plants are grown in, good or bad, they will manufacture vitamins, and those vitamins will be available for humans and animals.  Minerals are a different story.  

Whether a plant contains the sufficient amount of minerals depends on the quality and quantity of minerals in the soil because plants will NOT manufacture minerals like they do vitamins.  Minerals mustbe supplied to the plant from the soil they're grown in.  If the minerals are not in the soil, they won’t be in the plant.  (And remember, vitamins can only be absorbed by the body if minerals are present to create the reactions that enable them to be activated by the body.)

Because of years of overuse, the soils used to grow our fruits and vegetables, and feed our livestock have been depleted of their natural resources.   Most farmers only replace 3 out of the 60 to 84 minerals our bodies need to maintain vibrant health.  A good healthy supply of minerals just isn’t in the foods we eat any more. 

In a nutshell, that’s why you need to supplement with fulvic every day.  And Fulvic MineralComplex provides a far superior source of Fulvic than many others on the market.

Mineral Depleted Soil = Mineral Deficient Plants = MINERAL DEFICIENT HUMANS

32 oz. bottle
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Vital Earth's Fulvic is 100% Fulvic in Solution

Fulvic comes from an ancient source of plant material. This plant material is called Humic. We isolate and extract only the fulvic from our humic source and this is what we bottle - 100% fulvic in solution.  Our proprietary extraction process protects and preserves 100% of the fulvic. 

We never add any harmful chemicals, or use high heat or pressure extrusion- all of which destroy fulvic. Some manufacturers use these harmful techniques as a shortcut to achieve faster extraction. Our natural process is lengthy, time consuming and complex but we do it this way to preserve every bit of the precious fulvic in our formulas. 

Fulvic Mineral Complex’s Humic Source is an Impressive 7%
Vital Earth's original humic source contains an impressive 7% fulvic potency, whereas many mineral products come from sources that are only 3% to 4% fulvic to start with.  Humic has certain percentages of fulvic, Vital Earth's contain 7%.

What’s in Fulvic Mineral Complex?
Approximately 68 to 74 plant derived, complexed and dissolved liquid minerals in their unaltered, organic form for maximum bio-availability. “Organic, plant derived” means there are no metallic or clay based minerals in our product, which translates to no toxic heavy metal build up.

Many people wonder if they will be taking “too many minerals” if they are consuming other products that also contain minerals…such as a calcium supplement.  The answer to this question is, no.  The reasonis fulvic minerals are in an organic form, not metallic or clay, and therefore do not remain in the tissues – they are fully utilized by the body.  When you take minerals that come from plants there is never any danger of toxic buildup.  Plants have converted the mineral into a form that is safe and fully usable by the body. 

Fulvic Mineral Complex is NOT a Colloidal
Colloidals are solid particles that are simply being held in suspension in a liquid; they are too large to be easily used by cells and offer little health benefit.

The ionic particles of fulvic are “dissolved”, and are so small they are not measurable in liquid form, which means they are able to pass right through cell membranes into the cells where they’re needed.   Ionic minerals offer incredible benefits, but the benefits of colloidal minerals are marginal at best.   There are no colloidal minerals in Fulvic Mineral Complex. 


Beware!  Minerals Come in Many “Forms”

The form of the mineral is essential.  You should only consume organic, plant derived complexed and dissolved minerals that have high fulvic content.  If the fulvic is destroyed the value of the mineral is diminished. Always look for liquid, ionic, plant derived minerals that list high fulvic content.  Vital Earth's fulvic is 100%!

Less expensive minerals, like the pills sold in large discount stores, usually fall in the inorganic heavy metal category, with only a 10% absorption rate at best.  The remaining 90% becomes an unusable substance that is rejected by the body and left to build up to potentially toxic levels in the organs and soft tissue. 

And What About Those Inexpensive “Concentrates”?

Beware of fulvic concentrates where you add water to make several bottles of fulvic from one tiny bottle of “fulvic concentrate”. To give you a better understanding of where high quality fulvic comes from, and why we don’t sell concentrates (and probably never will) let us explain our precision extraction process.At the end of a very lengthy, proprietary extraction procedure, using nothing but cold, double reverse osmosis, magnetically purified water, 80% of the nutrients from the original humic source – a high concentration of fulvic- become suspended in solution in a large vat.  This mineral rich fulvic solution is siphoned off the top of the vat, then goes through another series of filtering stages, and is finally bottled in its purest form.   What are customers are getting is 100% fulvic carefully extracted from the rich humic source material.The dregs in the bottom of the vat still contain a few nutrients. Because this is fantastic for plants, wegive ours to farmers to put on their fields.  Unfortunately, some manufacturers sell this byproduct to consumers, calling it a “concentrate”.  It’s kind of like selling someone a used tea bag.  All the most valuable nutrients have already been extracted. Another way to get a concentrate is to dehydrate a fulvic solution…which entails processing and heat.  High heat kills fulvic.

Is it Acidic?
Many liquid minerals on the market today are highly acidic, with an acid pH in the range of 4.0, because of their processing techniques.   Not only are you absorbing unhealthy chemical residues, but the product itself has none of the oxygenating, alkalizing benefits that an alkaline product such as Fulvic Mineral Complex has.

Were Flavorings and Sweetners Used?
Whether or not a mineral product is flavored can tell you about how it was processed.  Some liquid mineral manufacturers use flavoring to mask the undesirable taste and smell of harmful chemicals used to shortcut and speed up the extraction process. 
Fulvic Mineral Complex is Unflavored and Unsweetened Because No Chemicals Were Used in the Processing.

Fulvic Mineral Complex Has Almost No Taste
Fulvic is naturally very mild tasting.  Because we don’t use any vile tasting chemicals in the processing, we don’t have anything that needs to be covered up with flavorings or sweeteners.   Fulvic Mineral Complex has a mild taste, and is a bright, clear golden color.  You can drink it straight from the bottle!

Wondering why we have minerals that many people try to avoid in Fulvic Mineral Complex?

It should be considered that minerals may not necessarily be present to "nourish" cells, but are needed to act as "electrodes" in the fulvic electrolyte solution. In that capacity they most essential for bio-reactions, electron transfer, catalytic reactions, and transmutations. Without them you may be missing many of the bio-reactions they enable. For example, did you know mercury prevents selenium toxicity?

Because fulvic minerals are organic, they will not build up in the body tissues, as do metallic and clay based minerals. When presented as organic fulvic complexes, cells have the ability to accept or reject minerals, including aluminum, lead, arsenic, mercury, etc., at their discretion.

Fulvic Mineral Complex

32 oz. bottle
Purchase in quantities and save!

Buy 4 - Save $12.40

Vital Earth Fulvic Mineral Complex        Quantity

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