Gluco Matrix

Vital Earth Gluco Matrix

Higher potencies mean more nutrients reaching the joints to:

The longer you wait to start taking a good joint support formula the more severe the damage and the more difficult reversal will be.  Gluco Matrix offers a natural, balanced approach to help stimulate your body’s restorative powers.

• Regenerate cartilage
• Restore healthy connective tissue
• Strengthen, lubricate and build up joint structures,
• Form healthy ligaments, bones and tendons
• Help create the “cushioning” fluids that allow mobility and pain free movement. 
• Offer lasting pain relief
• Give you more freedom of movement
• Provide relief from painful stiffness

32 oz. bottle
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Gluco Matrix Promotes Natural Healing

The key ingredients, Glucosamine, Chondroitin, and MSM are proven to promote elasticity and rebuild cartilage and other body tissues, encourage production of cushioning fluids, as well as provide relief of discomfort.

Restoring and maintaining joints naturally offers a much healthier and longer lasting solution to mobility and pain free movement. 

Shellfish Free

The Glucosamine HCI (hydrochloride) in Gluco Matrix is from a certified Kosher vegetable source.  Other glucosamine products are derived from the waste product shells of shellfish.  Gluco Matrix's all vegetable Glucosamine HCI offers a higher quantity of usable glucosamine, as compared to the more commonly used Glucosamine Sulfate.

As we age, we experience a decrease in synovial fluid.  Loss of this cushioning fluid is one of the leading causes of pain, stiffness, and discomfort.  Glucosamine is a building block for the critical lubricants necessary to maintain and restore healthy, pain-free joints. Studies show that Glucosamine may actually encourage your body to regenerate damaged cartilage, form healthy ligaments, bones, tendons, skin, and eyes.  This natural component helps produce lubrication and protection for your joints, and it inhibits the COX-2 enzyme.   Research shows that Glucosamine may be the most powerful COX-2 inhibitor known to science.

Chondroitin is what helps attract the “cushioning” fluids in cartilage that allow mobility and pain free movement. It can also help slow the painful narrowing between joints that most arthritic sufferers experience.  Chondroitin is a major component of cartilage providing the strength needed for retaining fluids and nutrients.  It has anti-inflammatory properties and combats harmful and damaging enzymes, helping alleviate cartilage degeneration.

MSM - a vital ingredient for arthritis sufferers!
The third largest nutrient found in the body is MSM, or Methyl-Sulfonly-Methane, the nutritional form of biological sulfur. The body uses MSM to create healthy connective tissues and joints. It is known for its ability to reduce inflammation and inhibit arthritic pain. MSM can help maintain cell membrane flexibility and permeability, which means more nutrients are able to enter the cells and waste products are able to more easily leave cells.  This exchange allows toxins, such as lactic acid, to flow out of cells.  More nutrients and less toxins in cells is exactly what's needed for relief from inflammation.

Studies show that MSM in the body begins to decrease with age, so all natural alternatives like the ingredients in Gluco Matrix Liquid may help you stay more active!

Fulvic, Vitamin C
Fulvic increases the powerful rebuilding, mobility, and pain relieving effects of Gluco Matrix.  This unique ingredient provides the catalyst for superior utilization and absorption of all the ingredients in the Gluco Matrix formula, offering advanced and noticeable results.  And Vitamin C helps to maximizes absorption, along with boosting immune system function.

Low Glycemic / Diabetic Friendly

Gluco Matrix is sweetened with healthy xylitol.  There are no added sugars, crystalline fructose, or artificial sweeteners of any kind in the formula.  Studies from around the word show that Xylitol is helpful for weight loss, increased bone density, and restoring hormonal imbalances.  It is also used by diabetics as a blood sugar stabilizer, helping to lower their insulin levels.  Xylitol is poison to dogs.

Fast Acting Relief

Because Gluco Matrix is a liquid, absorption starts immediately in the mouth.  It is 98% bio-available, which means the body is absorbing almost twice the amount that it would from a capsule or tablet, so more of the healing nutrients are reaching your joints.  By the time Gluco Matrix reaches the stomach it is already penetrating the cells, whereas pills have to enter the stomach and be dissolved before they even start to have any benefit at all.  Because of this, only about 10% to 50% of the contents of capsules and tablets are absorbed by the body, and the other half is wasted, and passes through the system unused.   With Gluco Matrix you have almost twice the nutrients going to work at the cellular level.

Contains fulvic – the magic ingredient other formulas don’t have
The addition of fulvic to the formula enhances all the metabolic responses of the ingredients in Gluco Matrix – something other basic Glucosamine/Chondroitin formulas don’t have.  This unique ingredient provides the catalyst for superior utilization and absorption of all the ingredients, increasing the powerful rebuilding, mobility, and pain relieving effects of Gluco Matrix. 

• NO Wheat, Dairy
• Gluten Free

NO fillers and binders that are commonly found in capsule and tablet formulas

For long term relief think “healing”

Healing is enhanced when you provide the body with nutrients that promote and boost natural function.   Not all products do this, and that’s what makes the difference in achieving long term, lasting joint rejuvenation and freedom from debilitating pain. 

Gluco Matrix has been proven time after time to provide relief from painful joints, through promotion of the healing process…not quick gimmicks.

Years of testing prove what our customers already knew

Vital Earth Gluco Matrix

Caution Dog Owners - Xylitol is Toxic to Dogs

Caution dog owners - xylitol is toxic to dogs. If you're giving your dog liquid glucosamine, check the supplement facts label immediately.

New test shows that xylitol is toxic to dogs
Although the natural sweetener xylitol has many health benefits for humans, new research indicates that xylitol can be toxic to dogs. Even small amounts (.03 oz.) can be lethal to some dogs – causing liver failure.

We know that many people are giving glucosamine products to their pets, so please be sure to check the supplement facts panel on the product's label to see if it contains xylitol. Just as you should never give chocolate to your dog, you should also never give your dog any supplements containing xylitol.

Vital Earth's Gluco Matrix is sweetened with xylitol and
should not be given to your dog.

Although we aren't aware of any studies showing the effects of artificial sweeteners, such as aspartame, on dogs, we would not recommend them for your pets. Common sense would tell you that anything that harmful to humans can't be good for your dog either!

32 oz. bottle
Purchase in quantities and save!

Buy 4 - Save $16.00

Vital Earth Gluco Matrix         Quantity

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