Super Multi - High Potency Liquid Multi Vitamin Dietary Supplement with Fulvic Minerals

Super Multi with Fulvic

This one vitamin formula has the power to replace almost everything in your vitamin cabinet.  It's the equivalent of 16 different bottles of vitamins, in high potencies, plus it also contains amino acids, antioxidants, and Ginkgo Biloba, all in a high fulvic mineral base.  Most other multi-vitamins don't contain amino acids, and they're essential for proper utilization of the vitamins.  All in one easy, delicious capful per day. 

Super Multi is sweetened with healthy xylitol and stevia so there are no unwanted spikes in blood sugar that contribute to fat storage.  Absorption of Super Multi starts as soon as it hits your taste buds.  But the healthy sweeteners, xylitol and stevia, enter the bloodstream in a slow and controlled manner, thereby eliminating the rapid spike in blood sugar, followed shortly after by the plunge in blood sugar that accompanies products loaded with sugar or crystalline fructose. 

Super Multi contains over 100 ingredients because all nutrients have a co-dependent relationship with each other…meaning, all nutrients are dependent on the presence of specific other nutrients to createthe essential reactions that make them usable by the body.   Isolated nutrients pass right through the body unused without the presence of their required co-factors.  Plus, taking an excess of one nutrient can create imbalances in others, so providing the proper ratios is essential, and that’s exactly how Super Multi was formulated.  Making sure each and every vitamin in the formula is fully absorbed and working properly is what gives our customers such amazing results.And Super Multi is in liquid form, so it's 98% bio-available. This means over 50% more nutrients are going directly into cells, as opposed to tablets or capsules that offer only a 10% to 50% absorption rate.

More Energy!
Super Multi is formulated to give you more energy, sound restful sleep, better mental concentration, and powerful immune boosting properties, no other product comes close on the retail market!

Kid's Love It!
But how does it taste? In independent taste tests, Super Multi was chosen again and again as the best tasting product against the 5 top selling formulas on the market.

32 oz. bottle
Purchase in quantities and save!

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Vital Earth Super Multi        Quantity

Super Multi contains all 16 vitamins:

Super Multi contains a full range of 68 to 74 Fulvic Minerals:

Super Multi contains 21 Amino Acids:

Fulvic - The MAGIC ingredient!

The fulvic in Super Multi supercharges enzyme activity:

Super Multi contains powerful antioxidants:

Ginkgo Biloba:

Supplement Facts

All 16 vitamins, 68-74 Plant Derived Minerals, 21 Amino Acids, Antioxidants, Fulvic Enzyme Promotion, Gingko Biloba

32 oz. bottle
Purchase in quantities and save!

Buy 4 - Save $14.00

Vital Earth Super Multi        Quantity

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