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Your doctor may have told you that you have high cholesterol.

What is cholesterol?

Cholesterol is a waxy substance that occurs naturally in the human body and is mostly provided by our alimentation. Cholesterol is present everywhere in the body where it is used by the brain, muscle, nerves, skin, liver, intestines and the heart, to perform its normal functions.

What does it mean for your health?

Cholesterol is a necessary component which contributes to the production of certain hormones and also the bile acids that help us digest fat. The major metabolic product of cholesterol is bile acids. The disposal of bile acids by secretion into bile is one of several factors that serve to maintain normal blood cholesterol concentrations. However if there is too much cholesterol in the bloodstream, the excess may be deposited on the wall of the arteries causing narrowing and blockages that may lead to an increased risk of cardio-vascular diseases.

What to do?

The first step is to change your eating habits and start an exercise program, this is the easiest and fastest way to a healthier you. Cholesterol is found only in foods of animal origin, so eating more fruits, vegetables, whole grains and taking CHOLESTOP ™ will make a big difference. CHOLESTOP ™ is a natural homeopathic formula composed of ingredients clinically proven to stimulate and regulate hepatic functions to help reduce cholesterol levels.

HomeoCare® CHOLESTOP ™ is a natural remedy. A homeopathic formula, it has its basis in the time-tested homeopathic therapeutic methods discovered by German physician and chemist Samuel Hahnemann in the early 1800s. For two hundred years the efficacy of homeopathic medicine has been proven and documented in prominent medical journals. Homeopathic remedies provide a safe and affordable alternative to over-the-counter medications with potentially dangerous side-effects. Homeopathy is a very specific form of medical therapeutics, often understood to be synonymous with natural medicine. Based on the understanding that "like cures like", it has developed into a sophisticated science offering a wide variety of remedies. These work by stimulating the innate healing ability of the human body. Remedies of this effective system of medicine are prepared from natural substances that are diluted to infinitesimal amounts, or micro-doses, into preparations formulated under extremely precise standards. For example, if coffee consumed before bedtime produces insomnia, a homeopathic preparation of coffee induces sleep.

Homeopathic remedies are very safe and the side effects are almost non-existent. The scientific approach to treating a condition with properties of the same condition requires the u™ost care in measuring proportions relevant to the remedy. As an extremely effective method of healing, homeopathy offers a long lasting to permanent cure, treating an ailment at its roots.

CHOLESTOP ™ is composed of: Arctium lappa (burdock) acts as a blood purifier. Berberis vulgaris (barbery) exerts a marked action on the liver, promoting the flow of bile. Carduus marianus (St-mary's thistle) helps restore hepatic functions; indicated in arteriosclerosis. Chelidonium majus (great celandine) affections of the liver; gallstones; constipation; general lethargy; bitter taste in mouth. Cholesterinum (cholesterine) hepatic engorgement; gallstones; hypercholesterolemia. Chrysanthellum americanum (chrysantellum) beneficial effect on triglycerides and cholesterol. Solidago (golden rod) acts as a drainer, detoxifier. Taraxacum (dandelion) acts well in all disorders of the liver, sour taste, darting pains in outer parts. A bilious remedy. Heaviness in the liver region. Taraxacum is for gastric headaches, bilious attacks with characteristically mapped tongue and jaundiced skin.

How to take CHOLESTOP ™?

3 pellets under the tongue, 1 hour before each meal.

There are no known side effects or drug interactions associated with this medicine, but common sense dictates to check with your doctor before starting a new diet and exercise program and to get your blood cholesterol levels monitored regularly.

(What is homeopathy?)

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