OxyBolin 250 & Rhaponticum carthamoides

Oxybolin 250Rhaponticum carthamoides has more than 25 years of extensive research and validated clinical studies, and with the addition of OxyBolin 250 to the Muscle & Strength line, by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals, Inc., bodybuilders, powerlifters, and athletes who participate in strength sports now have an additional, highly anobolic, non-steroidal agent that will increase muscle mass and strength in a relatively short period of time.

Non-Steroidal, Multiple Pathway, Anobolic Agent 

OxyBolin 250 was designed to increase muscle mass via pathways that complement all other pharmaceutical and nutraceutical bodybuilding agents. OxyBolin 250 translates to enhanced muscle recovery, insulintropic activity to enhance glucose transport and muscle glycogen deposition, and unbelievable enhancements in protein synthesis.

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OxyBolin 250 

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