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Probiotics and EnzymesVitamins and minerals are important nutrients that the body needs to stay healthy, support the immune system, and promote normal growth and development.  Most of us assume that if we eat certain foods or take vitamin supplements that that would be enough.  But what would happen if our bodies could not absorb these important nutrients?

A diet filled with high amounts of sugar and other unhealthy (prepared) foods creates a situation in which the absorption of important nutrients becomes inhibited. For example, the shortage of good flora called probiotics contributes to yeast imbalances or overruns that lead to many ailments like chronic fatigue. The good flora in our body is being crowded out by bad flora. In addition, our process food diet is lacking important enzymes that help absorb foods that contribute to good health. The loss of enzymes can lead to physical ailments and diseases.

We are proud to introduce the Sedona Labs family of eight multi-probiotic and digestive enzyme formulas to meet the needs of heath-conscience consumers. Please click here for more information: Sedona Labs & Probiotics & Enzmes. – The nutritional supplement source for unique health products.

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