June 2008 archive

Mangosteen Juice

Mangosteen is high in Xanthones, a powerful antioxidant. It offers immune support. Queen Victoria is said to have pronounced it the most delicious fruit on earth. It is in her honor that mangosteen has been called the “Queen of Fruits.” The fruit has long been treasured in the tropics of Southeast Asia and Indochina; it …

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Resveratrol 100

Resveratrol 100 is a supplement in capsule form that has a high amount of resveratrol. It is Standardized to 50% Natural trans-Resveratrols to 100 mg of natural trans-Resveratrols. Resveratrol is an important supplement that supports the cardiovascular and immunity systems by providing antioxidant protection that is needed for healthy blood flow, healthy capillaries, and cholesterol …

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