HealthAid B-Calm

* B-Calm is a carefully balanced combination of herbal extracts known to have calming properties.
* B-Calm works synergistically to help Promote a healthy heart and a relaxed mind and body.
* B-Calm is manufactured under strict GMP standards.

What is in B-Calm?

Hawthorn – is thought to provide many beneficials effects on the heart, blood vesels and circulation. It contains glycosides, which are calming and help promote a healthy heart, as well as bioflavanoids, which are potent anti-oxidants that help with balancing the blood pressure, nerves and sleep cycles. Viburnum – is tradionally used for its calming effect on the nervous system, and relaxing effect on the muscles. Valerian – is another herb which promotes calmness that has the no narcotic side effects, like so many other products for promoting sleep and can be sued for stress, tension and PMS, as well as a brain tonic for mental exhaustion and as a calmative, St. John’s Wort – is used as a natural herbal alternative for promoting positive moods and can be balancing on the nervous system as well. Magnolia bark – has been traditionally used for stress relief and relaxation. Passion Flower – is high in flavanoids and has a balancing effect on the nervous system.

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