Health Aid B-Calm Customer Experiences

I started taking B-Calm by Health Aid when I was taken off of a year long medical anti-depressant that had caused me a lot of harm. I suffer from both anxiety and depression and am very sensitive to any type of product put into my body. I was recommended I try the B-Calm by my local health food store owner. I was still having withdrawal symptoms after 3 months of going off the perscription drug and was having “breakdowns”.


I began taking the B-Calm as soon as possible. I started staggering it with two capsuls and then one, every other day. On my “bad” days (usually when my hormones were crazy), I would take 2 each day for a few days. The product does exactly what it says it will – keeps you calm, stable, in a more even and better mood. It was much needed while I worked on becoming healthy and “drug free” from the previous medication.


I found that the B-Calm product was absolutely what I needed. In the time I took it, I recommended it to several people I knew and one of my doctors, who also now tells patients about it as an alternative to medication. It is something that anyone who is sensitive to chemicals, side-effects, and over the counter drugs needs to check into. I fully recommend it to anyone who is suffering from depression, anxiety, panic-attacks, mood swings, etc. (all of which I have had). Do not hesitate to believe this product will work for you.

Many thanks, Health Aid – your product is a great one.

-Jessica, CA, USA – The nutritional supplement source for unique health products.

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