Choledrene – Natural Approach to Healthy Cholesterol

The Safe, Natural, and Scientific Approach to Healthy Cholesterol Levels

Monascus purpureus (the main cholesterol-lowering agent in Choledrene® has been grown as a food preservative, natural colorant in the production of red rice wine and red bean curd, and general medicinal aid in China for roughly 1,200 years.

It is Important to note that monascus purpureus products greatly vary in their content of the primary active constituents, the monacolins. The monacolins, the substances of interest in monascus purpureus, are a group of fungal metabolites. Ten different monacolins have been identified. Choledrene®’s proprietary extract yields 1.4% total monacolin content by weight. It also has a unique composition of rice starch, long chain fatty acids/ alcohols, and isoflavones. The only side effects of rnonascus purpureus extracts are slight elevations of liver enzymes and possible reduc- tions in the amount of vitamin F, beta-carotene, and coenzyme Q10 (CoQlO) in the blood. With all the benefits associated with this miraculous substance, the downside of monascus purpureus sup- plementation is minimal. However, Choledrene’s unique formulation addresses these side effects and combines the most effective combination of nutraceuticals known to support normal heart function and an overall healthy cardiovascular system.

The Choledrene® Difference – Scientifically Formulated to Combat Cholesterol!

Monascus purpureus – This compound has traditionally been used as a blood purifier.” However, modern clinical research has demonstrated that monascus purpureus effectively produces a number of statins, identical to the expensive, prescription medications used by physicians for treating patients with elevated blood cholesterol levels. The statins lower blood cholesterol by inhibiting its synthesis in the liver.

Coenzyme Q10- Due to the natural tendency of statin drugs to deplete coenzyme Q10 (an important energy source for the heart), this component has been incorporated to support efficient energy production in heart cells.

Pyridoxine, cyanocobalamin, and folic acid- Medical research has confirmed that too much homocysteine in the blood may play a bigger role in the early development of atherosclerosis than cholesterol (which be- comes the dominant factor in the intermediate and advanced stages). Pyridoxine, cyanocobalamin, and folic acid work together to lower homocysteine in the blood, supporting the body’s natural ability to prevent the onset S atherosclerosis. Further evidence has shown that people with higher levels of serum folic acid (a natural result of taking pyridoxine, cyanocobalamin. and folio acid) have a 50% LESS likelihood of dying from heart disease!

L-Carnitine – This biochemical is necessary to maintain maximal metabolic function of cells. Specifically. L-carnitine supports heart function in its continuous need for energy.

Magnesium pyruvate – This synergistic combination serves a dual purpose: 1) it supports the heart’s need to maintain a normal heart rhythm, and 2) it serves as a fundamentaC energy source for heart cells.

L-Arginine – This natural amino acid stimulates the body’s release of nitric oxide, which is essential to the health of the heart, blood vessels, and nervous system. This mechanism, in fact, is so critical to cardio- vascular health that American and Swedish scientists were awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1998 for their research on nitric oxide. According to a recently published book, The Arginine Solution, L-arginine opens clogged arteries, lowers blood pressure and cholesterol and reduces your risk of heart disease and stroke.

Silymarin (milk thistle) -This compound, derived from all natural sources, has traditionally been used to protect the liver from harm caused by chemicals. Even though statins are extraordinarily safe, their function IS to inhibit cholesterol synthesis in the liver; therefore, liver function in this process is supremely impor- tant. Including a protecting” agent, such as this, is one of the MANY reasons why Choledrene® cannot be matched in todays market for over-the-counter ‘cholesterol-managing’ agents.

Proprietary antioxidant blend – “Bad or LOL cholesterol, is believed to be particularly dangerous because of its propensity for becoming oxidized.’ This “oxidation” can be inhibited by the proprietary antioxidant blend that has been scientificaily formulated specifically for Choledrene®. This component was included to support the normal, healthy structure and function of blood vessels. This blend also contains grape seed extract.

As you can see, the Research and Development team at H-Tech Pharmaceuticals has left nothing to chance in the formulation of Choledrene®. This advanced formulation CLEARLY covers all the bases and is GUARANTEED to become the benchmark product in the non-prescription market for cholesterol management and cardiovascular support.

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