Pain Med or PainMed

Got Pain?

GMI’s Pain Med is the answer for fast, long lasting pain relief. Powerful, natural, safe & effective homeopathic medicine.

Socially invisible

No one even know you’re using it!

  • Crystal clear external pain gel.
  • Many report relief upon application
  • Many report relief lasts for hours
  • No dangerous drugs to take internally
  • No socially embarrassing odor
  • No burn
  • No sting
  • No cold or numbing sensation
  • Leaves skin looking smoother, younger, less wrinkled
  • No wrapping or heat pads
  • No stained clothing
  • Economical: Just a dab does it!

This product is available on and may be found by clicking here: PainMed – The nutritional supplement source for unique health products.

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