Almased Vital Nourishment

Almased® Vital Nourishment offers a nutritionally balanced method of losing weight and keeping it off for good. Here’s why:

* UNIQUE FORMULA—Almased’s 100% all-natural, patented fermentation process combines three ingredients; soy, skim milk yogurt powder and honey enzymes. This one of a kind manufacturing process allows the body to conveys 90% of the soy isoflavones and protein the product has to offer.

* CLINICALLY TESTED—In a clinically study patients who consumed Almased’s lose FAT, while protecting MUSCLE MASS.

* SCIENTIFIC RESULTS—Patients using Almased lost more weight and inches and had more energy than those that just watched their diet and exercised:

* 43% more weight loss

* 47% more waist size reduction

* 108% more hip size reduction

* 47% more energy

* EPHEDRINE FREE—Almased’s scientific results are based on a formula that has never contained ephedrine.

Almased contains:

* 53% soy protein (derived from the highest quality soybeans available)

* 25% honey enzymes (raw honey is used to ferment the product and to integrate enzymes for easier digestion)

* 22% skim milk yogurt powder (important factor to include the essential amino acids usually found only in meat products)

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Plus, Almased has:

* NO Ephedrine, Stimulants, Caffeine, Fat Burners
* NO Fat, Cholesterol or Meat Products
* NO Sugar, Starches, Preservatives
* NO Artificial Colors, Fillers or Flavors

What Makes Almased Different?
You may be aware of other protein powders on the market, but what makes Almased Vital Nourishment healthier and more effective in every way?

* Almased is the only protein powder that uses honey enzymes to activate the fermentation process.

* By using two sources of protein, Almased gives the body the correct quantity and quality of amino acids (even those amino acids usually only found in meat products) to support cells during a calorie-reduced diet, which allows fat loss instead of lean muscle loss. Almased’s patented fermentation breaks down the protein into simpler (bio-available) amino acids so more amino acids can enter the blood stream more quickly.

* With Almased, the weight loss is fat loss compared to other diets where weight loss can be the loss of lean muscle mass because the body is not properly nourished during the weight reduction process.

* Protein is the major building block of muscle tissue and must be constantly supplied in sufficient quantity in readily-digestible form. On average, only 20 percent of all theoretically digestible proteins in commercially available supplements, are in fact absorbed and present in the bloodstream after several hours. Almased contains a unique and exclusive formula and production process through which 90% of the available amino acids are fully absorbed and are detectable in the bloodstream within 20 minutes.

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