Zymaflora Acid Balance Formula

ZymaFlora® capsule contain a special gas-free fiber that supports normal colon detoxification, which may further alleviate unwanted gas and bloating.* Take ZymaFlora® Acid Balance Formula to maintain normal, healthy digestion every day.*

This unique blend of probiotics, enzymes, and FOS fiber supports healthy digestion. Food that stays too long in the digestive tract triggers occasional acid indigestion, heartburn, gas, and bloating. This proprietary mix of enzymes and probiotics helps digest food naturally and support normal transit time through the digestive tract.* The powerful ZymaFlora® formula contains 5 billion cells per capsule** of probiotics and 18 different enzymes, which may alleviate occasional acid indigestion, gas, bloating, and feelings of fullness.

  • Alleviates occasional acid indigestion and heartburn*
  • Alleviates occasional gas and bloating*
  • Supports normal digestion*
  • Supports normal detoxification of the colon*
  • Maintains a healthy esophagus lining*

This probiotic is manufactured by Sedona Labs. More information may be found by clicking here: Zymaflora

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