Parasites & Parasitin & Vaxa

This audio CD by Dr. Stanley Headley, M.D. discusses parasites and Vaxa’s answer to them. Parasites are micro-organisms that sustain themselves in the host body. They can feed off nutrients in the body and reproduce eggs in your body. Several hundred million people contract parasites a year. There are over 1000 known parasites. The CD focuses on four of the most major parasitic forms. Unfortunately parasites are difficult to test for and they present symptomatic characteristics of other diseases. Prescribed anti-parasitic formulations are designed to combat individual parasitic forms. Vaxa has developed a homeopathic medicinal formulation that offers a more comprehensive treatment for many different types of parasites. Super Size Health is offering this CD for a limited time for people who purchase a set of four bottles of Parasitin.

For more information please click here: Parasitin – The nutritional supplement source for unique health products.

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