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AHCC – Active Hexose Correlated Compound

AHCC ® is Japan’s #1 top-selling immune support dietary supplement, now available in the United States. AHCC® (Active Hexose Correlated Compound) is an extract obtained from a hybridization of several species of mushroom mycelia. AHCC® supports normal immune function and may improve the number and functions of immune system cells.* It has been shown to …

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MegaRed Omega-3 Krill Oil

Schiff® MegaRed® Omega-3 Krill Oil is 3x better than fish oil for lowering CRP, one of the key markers of cardiovascular health.‡ MegaRed® is 3x Better than Fish Oil for Supporting Cardiovascular Health.‡ Clinically Shown to Support Cardiovascular Health Maintains Healthy Cholesterol Levels Promotes Joint Health and Flexibility No fishy odor or aftertaste MegaRed Omega-3 …

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JOINT MD™ – RELIEF STARTS UP TO 3x FASTER! *Subjects in glucosamine trials typically report positive results after 6 weeks, on average. Subjects in testing of the key ingredient (IgG HyperImmune micronutrient peptide) in Joint MD™ initially reported positive results after two weeks. Joint MD™ is covered by U.S. patent #5,650,175 and is patent-pending. Formulated …

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Zymaflora Acid Balance Formula

Acid Balance Formula: Alleviates occasional acid indigestion and heartburn* Alleviates occasional gas and bloating* Supports normal digestion* Supports normal detoxification of the colon* Maintains a healthy esophagus lining* Zymaflora Acid Balance Formula – The nutritional supplement source for unique health products. Bookmark to: Hide Sites

Sedona Labs NextZymne Dual Digestive Enzymes

Dual Digestive Enzymes: May help alleviate occasional gas, bloating and indigestion* Reduce feeling of fullness due to undigested food* Maximize nutritional absorption from food* Support pancreatic enzyme function* Complete the digestion of “hard-to-digest” foods such as whole grains, beans, proteins and fats* Support energy and vitality* Work in stomach and small intestine for dual-action digestion* …

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IFlora Nasal Health

Nasal Health: Supports sinuses and bronchials* Boosts good flora in sinuses* Supports production of health mucus* Maintains a healthy immune system* Supports normal detoxification of the body* Maintains normal cellular health* Maintains healthy upper respiratory function: noise, ears and chest* Sedona Labs IFlora Nasal Health – The nutritional supplement source for unique health products. …

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Serraphase Inflammation Response

Inflammation in the body is a normal, healthy response to injury. Normally, inflammation will subside naturally. SerraPhase® Inflammation Response formula helps maintain that normal inflammation response.* It contains a natural, enteric-coated protein enzyme that breaks up and disperses collected cellular debris remaining in inflamed areas, supporting healthy circulation and normal inflammation response throughout the body …

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iFlora Probiotics for Kids

In a world full of sugary, processed foods, crowded schools, and unclean environments, kids need plenty of friendly flora every day to support their immune systems and maintain healthy digestion?especially while under stress*. iFlora™ Probiotics for Kids supplements the normal flora colonies of children with a natural blend of six age-specific strains of friendly flora, …

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IFlora Probiotics for Women

As a woman, you know that you have specific health needs; including the need to sustain a balanced vaginal, urinary and digestive tract. Maintaining normal levels of natural flora supports those sensitive needs.* iFlora™ Probiotics for Women contains six specific strains and 15 billion cells per capsule** specifically selected to maintain a normal, low level …

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iFlora Multi-Probiotic Powder

Every day, the good, natural flora in your body is killed off by stress, junk food, medications, chlorinated water, and a toxic environment. iFlora™ Multi-Probiotic™ Powder promotes digestive and immune health with 16 powerful probiotic strains that survive stomach acid and 16 billion cells** per serving.* This easy-to-mix powder formula works in both the small …

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