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Serotonin Plus Benefits:

  • Enhances mood*
  • Improves quality of sleep*
  • Acts as a mild appetite suppressant*
  • Reduces carbohydrate cravings*
  • Lessens the tendency toward binge eating*
  • Not another me-too product: Serotonin Plus is the first natural weight loss product to supply a direct source of natural serotonin with Serotin, a proprietary botanical blend featuring stinging nettle, griffonia simplicifolia, and green tea.
  • Based in science, not fads: Sertonin Plus was developed by a doctor and clinically tested for safety and efficacy. The addition of antioxidants to the formula protects the serotonin from destruction by oxidating enzymes.

Serotonin Plus – The nutritional supplement source for unique health products.

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