Oligonol® is a particularly innovative antioxidant and anti-aging nutritional supplement. It contains oligomerised polyphenols – the first supplement in which polyphenol polymers have been successfully converted into oligomers, molecules with superior bioavailability and much greater biological activity

The polyphenols in Oligonol® have a low molecular weight – they are thus easier to absorb and more bioavailable. Studies comparing Oligonol® with extracts of green tea, apple, grapeseed and pinebark, show that Oligonol:

  1. is much more quickly absorbed (as measured by levels of polyphenols in the blood);
  2. has greater antioxidant capacity;
  3. has superior bioavailability;
  4. is rapidly absorbed in humans. Polyphenol blood concentrations increase in a dose-dependent manner during periods of supplementation.

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