Sex on the Beach – Stamina-RX for Men and Women

Stamina-Rx® and Stamina-Rx® for Women are extremely effective sexual enhancers and approximately 90% of all men and women notice an increase in libido and sexual desire after taking the products. But a more important positive effect of the Stamina-Rx® revolution is cultural, not medical. Stamina-Rx® has managed to do what countless doctors. psychologists, and even Viagra® have failed to do for decades: it has finally removed the taboo associated with decreased sexual desire or libido, and made it fun to discuss. In the past. other products were launched with massive advertising campaigns, only to see sales decrease over time, proving these products were ineffective.


Stamina-Rx® and also Stamina-Rx® for Women were designed to “restore spontaneity to love-making.” Stamina-Rx® utilizes Explotab®, which rushes these potent ingredients into the bloodstream almost instantaneously Within minutes. Stamina-Rx® and Stamina-Rx® for Women will engorge the penis or clitoris with up to 10 times the normal blood flow. As the chambers fill with blood the engorged extremity places pressure on the “outflow vein,” trapping the blood inside for a firmer erection and heightened sensitivity in females. Structurally, Stamina-Rx® and Stamina-Rx® for Women look like cyclic guanosine monphoshale (cGMP), so the PDE-5 enzyme is fooled. This allows cGMP to hang around longer to relax the smooth muscles leading to an erection or heightened sensitivity! Stamina-Rx® Hardcore has all the benefit of the original formula but with 7 years of added research and technology to make the best sex pill on the planet!

The best thing about Stamina-Rx® Hardcore is it works to make good sex better, no matter your age. If you want a sexual stimulant that really elevates your sexual performance…Try the Hex and Stamina-Rx®! The benefits of Stamina-Rx® Hardcore on an individual’s sex life have no boundaries!


There is no doubt that Stamina-Rx® and Stamina-Rx® for Women go unrivaled as the leading “on demand” OTC sexual performance products for men and women. The formulation in these produots has been tried and tested to the tune of over 250 million tablets sold. So, the only possible evolution of this product would have to be related to something in its delivery system. which is exactly what Hi-Tech has accomplished.

Stamina-Rx® Sex on the Beach flavored shot end drink are Hi-Tech’s most recent (and quite extraordinary) sexual performance products. The Sex on the Beach flavored drinks are cranked up, double serving of the same key ingredients found in Stamina-Rx® and Stamina-Rx® for Women, in either a 2oz shot or a lightly carbonated 8 8.4oz can. Stamina-Rx® Sex on the Beach flavored drinks are true unisex, “on-demand” sexual performance products.

Just like Stamina-Rx® and Stamina-Rx® for Women. Stamina-Rx® Sex on the Beach flavored drinks dramatically increase sexual desire and performance for a sustained period and allow for more intense and pleasing completion of the sexual experience. But now, due to the great tasting liquid delivery system in both Sex on the Beach flavored products, you get a very rapid “on-deman” response – actually in minutes! No chances that the opportunity will pass you by! Hi-Tech reports that it sold over 1 million bottles of Stamina-Rx® Sex on the Beach flavored 2 oz shots in just the very first month the product was introduced. – The nutritional supplement source for unique health products.

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