Flor Essence

floressence1Flor EssenceFlor Essence is deep and gentle – cleansing at the most basic level: your cellls.

Use Flor Essence to recharge your organs and tissues to perform at peak level.

  • Deeper sleep
  • Fewer headaches
  • Bowel regularity
  • Healthy weight management
  • More energy

Eight medicinal herbs synergistically work together to cleanse your tissues and restore your body slowly and thoroughly – unlike other cleanses that are overly aggressive with laxative effects.


Do you need to cleanse?

  • Detoxification, a normal body proces, is the single most important thing the body can do to restore itself to maintain good health.
  • Accumulated waste depresses and deteriorates cells, tissues and organs, causing degeneration and decay.
  • The combined effect of steroids, heavy metals, antibiotics, pesticides and preservatives in our food, air and water alters the structure of your cells so they can no longer function properly.
  • The greatest daily burden on your body today is dealing with toxins.
  • Flor Essence assist the bod’s natural cleansing process in times of toxic overload.

Why does Flor Essence work?

The conjoined energy of many plants is stronger than the energy of a single plant. It is this synergy from the 8 herbs that gives Flor Essence such a tremendous affinity for cleansing.

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