Finding Contact Lenses for Astigmatism

Many consumers are under the impression that due to astigmatism, they are unable to wear contact lenses. This is a myth. Unless it is extreme, most astigmatism can be treated with the conventional method; eyeglasses or corrective contacts.

A prescription for astigmatism contains three main parts instead of one. The first part indicates your main spherical correction. Part two shows the extent of the astigmatism in diopters, and part three contains the measure of the axis. May people assume because the prescription treats a three part problem that they are unable to wear contacts.

An eye care practitioner can tell you that while that may have been true many years ago, adamants in technology changed that. Years ago a rigid contacts known called RPG’s or GPs were thought to only correct astigmatism. A new type of contact lens has been introduced on the market as “toric contact lens” which supports astigmatism.

Visiting your eye care practitioner will be the best source of information on what is best for you. Finding the contact lens that works for you will depend on your comfort. Astigmatism contact lenses generally are a rigid contact lens, and can take more getting used to then soft. Due to the biggest disadvantage of discomfort you may want exhaust another avenue of contact lens. I recommend getting fitted for the first type of astigmatism lens which is a gas permeable (GP) contact lens. Wear a pair on a trial basis. A couple of weeks of constant wear may make your eye accustomed to this type of contact lens on your eye. Better to have a trial run before you commit.

Each type of contacts available also comes with flocculating prices and availability. Brand and replacement schedule should factor into your choice of contact lens when trying to correct astigmatism. Most brands offer disposable lenses from two week to two month wearing. Your eye care practitioner should be able to advise you on the best avenue available to you, depending on the prescription you require. There are many forums out there which can provide you with information on how you can find contact lenses for astigmatisms.

Online research, like anything else should be verified with a medical professional when discussing health care of any kind. Searching for contact lenses to correct astigmatism is no different.

Ask the questions you need to ask, don’t hesitate. Consult any information available to you. Visit your local mass chain retailer to comparison shop and have feedback provided. As the consumer you have the right to be satisfied with your purchase. Your eyesight is no exception.

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