Important Acai Berry Information

There is plenty acai berry information floating about the internet and most of it is spot on in the information it provides. However, most of those people that write the information on these web pages have never used acai berry in their lives, and are simply iterating what they have read from books or other websites.

In other words, they are promoting a product they have never tried, or at best are offering useful information about a substance that if they have taken, they have done so for no more than a day or to just to taste it. Obviously I cannot prove what I am writing, but if others can prove me wrong then so be it – “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn”, as Rhett said to Scarlett as he walked off into the fog.

The acai berry information I have relates to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, but also to the fact it gives you energy. Naturally it is packed full of Vitamin C and anthocyanins, both known to be very powerful antioxidants that destroy free radicals as soon as they are created. A glass of acai berry juice contains 30 times the antioxidant properties of a glass of red wine or grape juice of the same strength.

Free radicals destroy your body cells. For example, they are generated by the UV content of strong sunlight, which is why those that live in hot climates such as areas of the USA and Australia develop leathery, aged skin faster than most others. The free radicals generated by the strong sunlight destroy their skin cells.

Free radicals also oxidize the LDL lipoproteins that carry cholesterol around your bloodstream. Cholesterol is essential to your good health because it is used to generate hormones such as testosterone, and also acts as a band aid for damage to your blood cells. However, when they encounter free radicals, either from the sun, tobacco smoke and traffic or industrial emissions, they get oxidized and fall out of solution to form cholesterol plaques on the inside walls of your arteries.

These build up till even the smallest blood clots stop your blood from flowing and cause heart failure – or strokes if the blood vessels are in your brain. Read the acai berry information and you will find these little guys destroy free radicals and prevent all of this from happening.

Other things that the anthocyanins in acai berries can do are to help reduce the generation of prostaglandins that cause inflammation – the substances that make your wounds feel hot, swollen and painful, and that cause so much swelling and pain in arthritis. If you suffer from arthritis, Acai berries can help to reduce the pain.

I know: I have arthritis in one knee and have the other totally replaced. I also have it in my fingers and have developed psoriasis. When I stop taking acai berry capsules my psoriasis flares up and my arthritis gets more painful. And here’s another bit of acai berry information for you:

I started taking acai berry supplements in capsule form 3 years ago, and since then I am not kidding when I say I can run half a mile and feel little pain when I finish. Maybe not in the 118 seconds I used to be able to, and certainly can’t run just a couple of seconds off a 4 minute mile I used to do 45 years ago, but I can sure still run with a minimum of pain, even with a replacement knee.

My address is on my website if you want to visit me and put me to the test! I don’t BS when I write articles about acai berry information – I have no need to. They work for me, pure and simple. They might not work for you, I don’t know – but you will never know if you don’t try them.

Of one thing I am sure: had I waited until now to start taking them I sure would take a long time to be as fit as I am now. Acai berries do the job for me and whether they do it for you or not that’s one piece of acai berry information you should listen to, and if not, then you can put in your pipe and smoke it!!

For more tips on using the Acai Berry Information given here, check out Pete’s web page of the same name on his website Slimming Tips where you will also find lots of practical and useful information on other aspects of staying healthy and losing weight.

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