Weight Loss Foods: 5 Worst Foods to Eat to Lose Weight

One of the most effective methods to lose weight seems a little counter intuitive: eat more. By increasing the frequency of the meals that you take in, you can increase your body’s metabolism to improve your body’s ability to gain nutrition out of food and naturally burn fat. Your body stores fat as a reserve for energy which can be used later and it does this very effectively; one pound of fat contains approximately 3500 calories. A combination of the right food, light to intensive exercise, and proper rest is an excellent way to lose weight.

If we look at the foods we eat closely we find that most provide the wrong nutritional values to someone trying to lose weight. Unfortunately, it is usually the great tasting foods that are the culprits of unwanted weight gain. Fast food is the most readily accessible food but it is loaded with calories which, when taken in excess, will be preserved by your body in the form of fat.

Everyone has different rates of metabolism which can be calculated using formulas to determine the persons basal metabolic rate (BMR) using the person’s weight, height, and age. From here we can have a rough idea of just how many calories we should ideally consume at the maximum. Case in point: an average sized woman with a BMR of 1267 kcal per day should not consume one meal that supplies her with her daily requirement as this will make her metabolic rate very sluggish. She will need to spread out her meals to remain healthy, preferably between 4 and 6 meals.

The worst foods for weight loss include those that have excessive amounts of the gluten protein found in food manufactured from rye, wheat, and barley. Most carbohydrate rich foods which have hard to digest sugars can cause weight gain–avoid the ‘king sized’ burgers! Number two of the worst foods is cola based drinks; just 12 ounces of the stuff amounts to 150 calories. Third, and the most common, is potato chips. These culprits are used in many informal occasions, too much of it and your waist line pays the price. Fourth and a particular favorite with women are the chocolate based cookies; these normally have hydrogenated oils which are not good for someone on a diet. The fifth is the full fat cheeses; these are made with saturated fat and contain about 10grams of fat per ounce. Today there exist healthy alternatives to these food types, and as someone losing weight, you should consult with a nutritionist about the options available to you.

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