This Yeast Free Diet Is Killing Me

A couple of months ago my wife decided that she was going to try out a yeast free diet. She has always suffered from yeast infections at least two or three times a year. Usually they are after a heavy period or if she has been busy at work.

Because she was going to try a yeast free diet that also meant that I was as well. I did point out that I didn’t have a problem but she insisted that if I loved her I would support her. I’m sure most married men understand that particular argument.

As the diet is only for six to eight weeks I agreed. I decided a bit of a detox would probably do me good anyway. So, no sugar, no bread or cakes, no mayonnaise or ketchup, no cheese and no processed meats like bacon, ham or salami.

That’s my morning coffee and donuts gone, my lunchtime sandwich gone and my pizza while watching the football at the weekend. The hardest has been the beer. I do like a beer with my pizza and sometimes with a barbecue on Sundays. But the diet says no alcohol.

I will admit that the diet has been good for me. I have lost a few extra pounds and feel much healthier. I’ve actually taken up my squash game again and my boss has invited me out for a round of golf this weekend.

My pot belly has also disappeared. My wife said it could have been an overgrowth of yeast in my stomach which has now been cleared. This does sound quite reasonable, although there is no way to prove otherwise.

My wife has also lost a few pounds and is starting to look pretty hot again. She says that she feels much better as well and doesn’t get any of those little aches and pains that she used to get before.

The kids are looking healthy as well. Their skin has really improved and they have hardly any spots now, although they wouldn’t thank you for pointing it out.

My problem is that my wife wants to carry on with the yeast free diet even though the initial period is over. Her argument is that it has proved beneficial to her with her yeast infection. It has also improved my life over the last few months.

We have come to an agreement that we can introduce some of the foods that we previously stopped back into our diet. We have to be careful and monitor any changes in the way we feel so we can pinpoint any foods that do not agree with us.

So it looks like I may get pizza again this weekend but still no beer.

A yeast free diet doesn’t have to be difficult.

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