Natural Cures For High Blood Pressure – Eat Nuts

If you have been diagnosed with high blood pressure you will realize how dangerous it can be.You may have discovered that prescription medication can have some nasty side effects and are now looking for some natural cures for blood pressure.

Not seeing results can make you stressed, which only makes your blood pressure higher! Trying natural cures for high blood pressure can break this self-perpetuation cycle. It is likely that you will be pleasantly surprised at what they can do.

I use what can appear to be jargon to discuss this issue because it’s important not only to understand what foods work as natural cures for high blood pressure, but what it is in those foods that makes them so desirable. It is by understanding this that we know that unsalted nuts are great for combating this condition.


L-Arginine is an amino acid that our bodies naturally produce. Nobody’s body, however, produces enough L-Arginine for their bodies to run efficiently. Most people get enough of this amino acid through the diet. By increasing foods that contain L-Arginine you will be having one of the natural cures for high blood pressure. Such foods containing it include milk, yogurt, beef, pork, and chicken. Walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds and peanuts as well as many other nuts contain this amino acid.

Co-Enzyme Q10

This substance was discovered in 1957. Researchers have found that people taking supplements containing this enzyme can lower their blood pressure significantly. There are also certain foods you can eat which contain it, acting as one of the natural cures for high blood pressure. Chicken, beef and nuts all have this enzyme in addition to L-Arginine discussed above! The heart of the chicken is especially rich. You can try sardines, olives or grape seeds if this does not sound so appealing.


Many people take aspirin to work as a natural blood thinner, but that is not necessary. There are more ways to thin the blood as one of the natural cures for high blood pressure. Salicylates work to do just that. Raisins, blueberries, oranges, peppermint and nuts are foods that are high in salicylates.

By looking at L-Arginine, Co-Enzyme Q10, and salicylcates, we can understand better why certain foods work as natural cures for high blood pressure. Unsalted nuts, it is important to note, contain all three of the important substances described here!

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