A Male Yeast Infection and Treatment

The male macho thing is still alive and kicking and most men wouldn’t read about yeast infections unless the word ‘male’ is in the title. However yeast infections in men are just as prevalent as women. Here we will be looking at infections in the groin area which are predominantly passed by sexual intercourse.

Just to start though, do you have a beer belly that won’t disappear whatever you do? Are you tired and listless sometimes? Does it irritate when you pass water but you know you haven’t strayed from your partner so it can’t be serious. Well it could be, these are some of the symptoms of an intestine infection so you really need to get checked out. It’s a simple ‘in house’ check that takes 20 minutes or so.

So, you have you think you have a yeast infection but can you be sure? The symptoms of an infection are similar to that of some STD’s. Pain when passing urine, white discharge and sore around the tip. You are going to have the bite the bullet here and go to your doctor to get diagnosed. It’s a pointless exercise to leave it and hope it will go away you will just cause yourself more pain.

If you’ve been out, had a few beers, had rose tinted glasses on and slept with someone you don’t know then you could be in trouble. Hopefully for you it will be just a yeast infection that can be cleared up quickly. Alternatively, if you have had it diagnosed and you think you have got it from your partner then you will need to tell them. Assuming they are female it’s not to say that they have slept with someone else, women get yeast infections for for a number of different reasons.

If for some reason you don’t get it treated right away here is what will probably happen, and if it scares you then that is what is intended. The infection will spread onto the skin around the shaft and groin. The skin underneath will harden to protect from invasion into the bloodstream. The skin will crack and bleed and be extremely painful. Scared yet? Think about this, the infection will spread internally into the prostrate gland. If it goes that far then you are in trouble.

As said before the symptoms are easily recognizable. Your doctor may say it’s just a urine infection, ask him to check for a candida yeast infection. Many doctors are skeptical about the possibility of yeast infections so you may have to force the issue. Even if your partner has been diagnosed and you are sure that is what you have you must get it diagnosed correctly.

Once you get a yeast infection then the chances are it will come back again if you are not careful. You will need to look at your lifestyle. Diet, stress, taking antibiotics regularly and lack of regular exercise are all contributing factors.

First cut out the excess sugar and beer, start taking some exercise every day. The extra oxygen in your bloodstream will help fight any infection. These small steps will help improve your general health as well.

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