Should You Take Vitamin B12 Liquid or B12 Injections?

Lately, you may have been wondering if you should start supplementing with vitamin B12. After all, recent reports have indicated that almost 60% of the population currently has levels of this essential vitamin that are low enough to lead to compromised brain function. It has also been discovered that levels of this vitamin that were previously believed to be normal are actually low enough to increase your risk of developing cardiovascular disease or of having a stroke. This is because low levels of B12 in the blood lead to increased levels of homosysteine. Homosysteine is and amino acid that is produced by your body’s function. But, at high levels it is toxic and it has been proven to cause cardiovascular disease. Additionally, it may contribute to the development of other chronic disease.

For these reason most medical professionals are now suggesting that most people would benefit from taking some form of supplemental vitamin B12. This is especially true of integrative health practitioners. While they may agree on this, there is very little consensus in the medical community as to the most appropriate ways to get B12.

Many professionals believe that b12 If you wish to supplement with vitamin b12 it is generally believed that injections are the best way to go. However, others believe that liquid vitamin b12, sublingual b12, or b12 capsules are just fine. The proponents of injections do have a valid point. You probably already are getting more than enough vitamin b12 in your diet, unless you are a vegetarian or vegan. This vitamin can easily be found in seafood, meat and dairy. The only reason that so many people have issues with low b12 levels is that they have problems absorbing the vitamin and assimilating it into their blood stream. Because the assimilation of the b vitamins into the blood stream is such a complex process, there are many points where something can go wrong. As an example, as we age our bodies produce less intrinsic factor, which is a substance that is necessary for the proper absorption of b-12. If you are unable to assimilate vitamin b12 from food in its natural form, it is logical that you may also have a hard time with assimilation in either pill or liquid form. B12 injections eliminate issues with absorption, because the vitamin is delivered directly into the blood stream where it can be immediately utilized.

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