Nitric Oxide Benefits and Information

Recently, while researching other natural health compounds, I seem to be constantly running across the simple molecule of nitric oxide, or NO. Nitric oxide seems to have a wide variety of usefulness within the human body, and until recently, I was unaware of all the different things that people have been using nitric oxide for. Not only is nitric oxide used in the treatment of hair loss, but it has also been used significantly by bodybuilders. So what does it do? Nitric oxide is what’s called a vasodilator, which means that it opens up the arteries and the veins, which brings more blood flow to more areas of the body. So because of that, it has potential uses in any situation where more blood flow is a good thing.

For example, there have been correlations gathered that have shown that people with male pattern baldness also seem to have a lack of blood flow to a certain area of the scalp. So nitric oxide is sometimes used by persons with hair loss in an attempt to keep blood flowing to all areas of the scalp, and thereby to help the scalp rejuvenate itself. Though there hasn’t been a direct connection established, many people use nitric oxide in this fashion.

But probably more notably, people have been using nitric oxide supplements more and more in the field of bodybuilding. The way this works in bodybuilding is that whenever a person works out a muscle group, blood flows heavily to the area, bringing fresh oxygen and nutrients to help muscles work and repair. So it stands to reason that the more plentiful supply of blood to the muscles, the longer they’ll be able to work, and the quicker they’ll repair. That’s essentially how nitric oxide works for bodybuilders. Though this can come with some potentially serious side effects, many testimonials have shown that nitric oxide is a very powerful bodybuilding supplement.

Because of its growing usefulness, nitric oxide was actually proclaimed molecule of the year in 1992. Proper blood flow seems linked in many ways to overall health. Much of Traditional Chinese Medicine, or TCM, is centered around stimulating the proper flow of both blood and energy within the body. TCM claims that when energy and blood become stagnant or trapped in particular regions of the body, not allowed to flow naturally, that sickness and illness begin to set in. Perhaps that’s why nitric oxide is becoming more and more useful in our modern world. Because of its vasodilating effects nitric oxide promotes greater blood flow throughout the body, the positive effects of which aren’t fully known. Nitric oxide is something I’m going to be keeping a close eye on in the months and years to come. I wouldn’t be surprised in the least if we start seeing nitric oxide appearing in many different types of health related products. There are however, some nitric oxide side effects that have been reported. As you can imagine, anytime someone begins to tamper with blood pressure and blood flow, there might be some unwanted side effects that can follow. These side effects have been clearly documented, and I encourage anyone who’s interested to do some more research into the matter.

Thanks for checking out this article about nitric oxide and its benefits. There are however some nitric oxide side effects to beware of. So do some more
research before taking the compound. Thanks for stopping by!

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