The Benefits I Gain When Drinking Green Tea

Green tea is actually one of my favorite beverages. I know not everyone is fond of drinking green tea or any kinds of tea at all. It is important that you look for one which suits your taste buds because that is how I found mine. I did not like drinking green tea at first because the taste is really awful and I did not see the point why many people include this in their diet. Now, I understand why. There are just so many benefits that you can get especially if it is made from good quality leaves. I already made a switch from coffee to regular consumption of green tea.

No wonder Chinese people love drinking green tea. They are very particular with their health and that is why many people now are also following their lead. I started taking green tea capsules at first because I wanted an antioxidant and I have also heard that these are good for weight loss. There were minimal effects but not that bad either. Then I looked for just regular green tea that I can drink but I did not like the taste. I only liked green tea juices but they contained a lot of sugars which makes me doubt that they are good for the health. Glad, I found a product I just loved and even until now I still drink and my mom too.

One of the benefits that I have noticed is fast metabolism I used to be a little chubby before but since I started adding tea in my diet regularly, I have noticed that my bowel movement was daily and the long term effects made me lose weight so n matter what I eat nowadays, I no longer have to worry about getting fat. Also, my skin started to clear up because I used to have acne. It is said that it contains powerful antioxidants so the toxins from your system as well as harmful substances can be flushed away. Along with proper diet and exercise you can live a healthy lifestyle.

Another benefit that you can get from green tea is that it boosts your immune system. If you are very susceptible to illnesses then you may start consuming more cups. But remember that you do not need to replace water because these two are different from each other. There are also many great things that you can do with the used tea bags like scrubbing them gently onto your skin because they could act as a toner to make your ski look younger and healthy too!

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