Osteoporosis: Risk Factors, Prevention And Treatment

Out of the wide variety of bone related diseases prevalent in the recent time, osteoporosis is one of the most common ones. The most central reason for the occurrence of this disease is the decrease in the overall bone density in the bones. The worst part about this disease is that the lessening of the bone density which subsequently leads to it is a very gradual process and takes many years to set in without any evident signs of this lessening .Thus osteoporosis is often deemed to be a silent killer and is the reason why people shudder when they hear about the disease. This disease can only be confirmed in patients when the symptoms are reaching a high level. These may include loss in the height of the body, increase in the chipping and the number of bone fractures, severe and prolonged joint pains and even hunchback.

There are certain risk factors associated with osteoporosis, which can aggravate or increase the chances of this disease. Keeping race as a parameter, there is a greater danger to whites as well as people from the Asian origin to suffer from this disease than darker races such as blacks and browns. Also, there is a greater sighting of this disease in older people than youngsters, teenagers and infants. It has been seen that osteoporosis has a close connection to estrogen as well as menopause once the age of thirty five and above sets in ladies. Osteoporosis is also a disease which is known to affect people with similar bone structure most often. Thus if anyone in your family has a history of this disease, it is important that you should be careful and take necessary precautions against it. Apart from these, a wide variety of lifestyle related reasons can also be contributed to becoming a probable cause of osteoporosis. These include over consumption of alcohol and red meat, lack of physical activities and sports, obesity, low calcium levels in blood and bones, excessive consumption of caffeine and smoking and many more are yet to be realized. Many people also tend to connect incorrect postures while sitting ,standing, sleeping and driving.

As far as the detection of osteoporosis is concerned, there are a wide variety of tests conducted today by doctors and medical experts to detect and confirm the disease. Two of the most commonly used methods include Dual-energy X-ray, Absorptiometry as well as Ultrasound Densitometry.

Any treatment or therapy to cure osteoporosis is based on three basic objectives – controlling the pain in patients, reduce the chances of subsequent fractures and bone damage and finally and most importantly to increase the overall bone density. Since osteoporosis can be accounted to a lot of different causes, the therapy to cure it has to be of a multi-dimensional nature. This is the reason why apart from bone specialists, the expert committee undertaking the therapy also involves experts from medical departments such as obstetric and gynecology.

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