5 Common Acne Myths That You Should Be Aware Of

Acne affects both the skin and lives of many young adults, adolescents, and even has effects lasting into the person’s later years. The good news is that there is no shortage of natural acne remedies such as argan oil, on the shelves these days. Many people still have misinformation about acne, despite the many resources available for understanding it. These are the most common ones you will come across:

food like chocolate, French fries and pizza result in acne

Thinking that pizza and french fries cause acne may be related to the fact that teenagers like these foods and often have acne. It is possible people started correlating these foods with acne. Though it is important to avoid oily and greasy food stuff and eat a healthy well balanced diet, acne is not necessarily the result of poor eating habits.

Acne does not come from not cleaning the face enough

Although washing one’s face is an essential part of a healthy skincare regimen, it does not mean that if you have acne you have to wash your face much more often to clear it from its blemishes. The truth is, it should be enough to wash with a gentle facial cleanser twice a day. You will only end up drying the skin and even irritating it, if you over-wash your face. Bacteria may spread to over your face if you over wash and this may cause further breakout of acnes. Do not wash too much on your skin with harsh and drying cleansers and exfoliants. If you get an oily face around lunchtime, don’t wash your face, but use an oil-blotting sheet.

Only teenagers suffer from acne

Although a teenager’s skin is prone to acne, it doesn’t mean that this skin problem is suffered only by teenagers. As a matter of fact, acne can affect young adults and adults as well. With the right medications and skin treatments, you can still treat adult acnes which is a common problem. Make an appointment with a specialist if you are grown and you experience terrible acne.

A cure has not yet been discovered for acne

Some people might consider their acne problem a hopeless case after using numerous treatments and medications. Really, acne is a typical skin issue that can be helped and eliminated. The main thing is to get the correct formulas for your skin. Something that your friend is using for his or her acne may not be as effective on your own skin problems. If you have been trying OTC skin remedies and you continue to have acne, you should receive professional help from a dermatologist.

Exposure of acne-ridden skin to the sun helps get rid of the acne

Contrary to popular myths, sunbathing is not the solution for acne. A lot of people may assume that if they tan their skin, they can conceal their blemishes, however it doesn’t really take care of the problem. As a matter of fact, excessive sun exposure can cause significant skin damage. It can dehydrate and cause skin irritation as well as result in sunburn and redness. Skin cancer and early aging is a risk of too much sun. Sunscreen, with the proper SPF rating, should always be used to protect skin from the sun.

Knowing about various acne myths will help with your skin care and you will know how to treat your skin problem better.

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