Hair Loss Treatments for Women

There are many reasons why women lose hair, but the most prominent reason has to do with hormones that are changing as a woman reaches menopause, the hormones begin to shift and as they do, it can cause hair loss. Moreover, how to stop hair loss in women is more difficult because it has not been studied as thoroughly as male pattern baldness. Typically, female hair loss begins around the age of 50 or later and there is a definite hereditary factor, therefore, if you mother has hair loss, thinning and even balding, you are more likely to develop it.

Statistics reports that as many as 25 million women do suffer from some type of hair loss; so therefore, there are a lot of women, maybe you looking for how to stop hair loss. First, you should not use male products for your scalp that you find at the drugstore. Many of these have chemicals that could actually make a female’s hair loss worse. The first place to turn for hair loss is your doctor because many common causes for female hair loss are an underactive thyroid and vitamin D deficiency along with hormonal changes.

Therefore, your best way to combat hair loss is getting to the root of the problem. For instance, if you are losing hair due to an underactive thyroid, medication can easily fix this and your hair will stop falling out. Keep in mind that how to stop hair loss for women is typically not the same as it is for men, so trying to treat your hair loss with male products should be avoided.

You can add supplements to your diet that are excellent at keeping the hair healthy and it can lead to more hair growth and less hair loss. Three vitamins to try are biotin, vitamin D3, and MSM, because all of these help to increase hair growth and thickness. Make sure you have your D3 levels checked with your doctor before you begin taking D3, but there is an epidemic of people that are deficient in this crucial vitamin.

When it comes to how to stop hair loss make sure that you try finding the underlying cause of why you are losing hair, which is often due to hormones and deficiency in vitamins that once corrected will lead to hair growth and reduced hair loss. features NuHair Hair Regrowth For Women – The nutritional supplement source for unique health products.

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