Anti Aging – What Women Should Know!

Staying young and beautiful is something that every woman wants. Well we all know that it is practically not possible to stop aging, over the years many scientists and organizations have come up with various methods and treatments to reduce the effects of aging. Even though science has achieved a lot , there is not much progress in this field.

Many beauty experts have suggest various treatments like anti-aging creams, wrinkle reducing cream etc. None of these have had a good success rate in the past. Have you tried the anti wrinkle cream that is available in the market ? I am sure you have, but tell me how many of you can say that it has worked for you, only a few. Almost every day a new skin care product is launched that claims that it will help you to rejuvenate your skin and make it look younger. This is almost impossible and especially though creams and lotions. So what do you do to look younger?

Well, the answer to that would be – follow a good diet. Yes, you heard it. The skin is made up of protein cells, which need good nutrition as well. The skin creams do prevent the skin cells from damaging; they cannot protect the skin forever. If you have a good diet, take the right kinds of proteins, minerals and calcium the body would have a better immune system and this would help your skin look younger.

The problem lies in the fact that we eat unbalanced diets, do not take in the right nutrition and then feel that skin is aging. You should know that skin is not the only thing that is aging. With age the body becomes week and you have to keep it in shape if you want to have a good skin and life. You would not believe me when I say this; if you do regular exercise your youth can be maintained and captured. Yes, try it and you would see the difference. The best workout routine should be a combination of weights and cardio. If you are skipping cardio you are not doing any good for yourself.

Another way of rejuvenating the skin is by taking anti-oxidants. These elements directly affect the skin cells and make you look younger. So where do you get the anti-oxidants from? The biggest sources of them are fruits and vegetables, taken in raw form provide a good number of anti-oxidants. The fruit that is most rich in its content is Pomegranate. Also if you are a tea lover then green tea is something that you need to start having. Well green tea is filled with anti-oxidants and this is the reason it is able to provide so many health benefits.

So I am sure that by now you know that using anti-aging creams only would not help you look younger. It is the diet that matters, so what are you waiting for make these small changes and live a youthful life.

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