Green Tea in Weight Loss Diet

Green tea is a staple beverage that has been consumed for several centuries. Its origin is in the eastern parts of the world such as China and Japan and is consumed in a variety of ways.

Green tea is believed to play a big role in weight loss amongst other health benefits. Green tea may be brewed in a way similar to the traditional hot tea consumed these days. Green tea can be served either hot in small tea cups, or chilled on the rocks as some prefer.

The tea is also used as an ingredient in many diet supplements today where it often listed as green tea extract. The extract contained in these supplements has similar effects to the tea.

The market is currently saturated with many diet tea beverages for you to choose from, therefore, it would be helpful to sift through various brands and find one that works well for your body. It would also be really helpful to know what to look for in green tea diet beverages. Mixtures that come from the natural ingredients are preferable. Choose green tea drinks that have low caffeine content. The decaffeinated option of green tea is also available. If you don’t like the taste of the tea then the extract will be a suitable alternative

Green tea products also contain many natural energizers such as guarana and ginseng. These herbs have been proven to act as natural energy boosters without giving you the ‘crash’ which results from drinking too much caffeine.

Many studies have documented a wide range of health benefits from green tea. These include:

1. It gives some protection against stomach, breast and skin cancer.

2. It helps to reduce signs of ageing.

3. It helps to reduce the chances of cognitive impairment.

4. It helps with weight loss

5. It helps to boost the immune system

6. It enhances mental focus

7. It is believed to reduce blood sugar and cholesterol levels

All green teas come from the plant Camelia sinensis. The health benefits of green tea have been attributed to the powerful antioxidant effect of ‘polyphenols’ and ‘catechins’. The main one of these is Epigallocatechin Gallete or EGCG, which is known to stimulate metabolism and accelerate weight loss.

Green tea is now among the popular diet supplements in the market today. Green tea is now available in many convenient forms including capusle, powders and extracts. Green tea supplements are best for professionals ‘on the go’ who don’t have so much time to spare.

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