The Smile You Have Always Wanted With Teeth Whitening

Everybody wants to have that pearly white smile. A perfect white smile can improve your confidence and make you feel good about yourself. Today, more and more people are turning to teeth bleaching products to give them that white smile that they have always wanted. There are three methods of Teeth whitening : You can take a trip to the dental office, you can use teeth whitening products, or you can try using some everyday common household products to whiten your teeth.

A trip to the dentist’s office could be quite costly. Going to the dentist allows you to seek professional advice. This is highly recommended if you have really dark, badly stained teeth. The cost of professional teeth whitening can range from $400 to $1,100, it will depend on what types of procedures are used. A very popular teeth whitening procedure is the use of a special light to activate a whitening gel to treat dark staining. This is usually referred to as in-office whitening. Brite-Smile and Zoom are the two most popular methods of this type. The use of a very strong solution of hydrogen peroxide for teeth bleaching is another option. In both of these procedures, a barrier to the chemicals needs to be applied to the lips and gums so they do not get burned in the process . Another option in the dental office is to have custom teeth whitening fabricated. You take the trays home along with whitening solution and do the whole process at home.

Another option is to go to the local pharmacy and pick up one of the many teeth bleaching products. There are a whole slew of teeth whitening strips or teeth bleaching gels or solutions that can be purchased, to be used for a few hours a day or even over night. 10% to 15% carbamide peroxide is usually the active ingredient. Also available are a group of professionally manafactured teeth bleaching products that can be purchased online.Some great over the counter home teeth whitening kits are available.

Many of the teeth bleaching toothpastes have chemicals that help to break up the stains and debris on the enamel. This debris that gets into the enamel over time can really dull the shiny white of your teeth.. . For people on a tight budget, there are some at home teeth whitening products. Most of these products will take a very long time for you to see results. They include such items as: Baking soda, baking soda with lemon juice or hydrogen peroxide, apple cider vinegar, pumice and lemon juice and rock salt. These teeth bleaching items have been used over the years by many people, but they do take a very long time to work. If you don’t want to wait, then your best bet is either using professionally made teeth whitening products or going to your dentist for in office treatment. A teeth whitening comparison of different products is available.

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