Add Variety To Your Fitness Plan

There are plenty of ways to get exercise, but unless you are able to find something that you think is a lot of fun, you are likely to lose interest and stop doing it. If you are like most people, you have a few stories about how you started to exercise and then stopped, bored or had difficulty finding the time. In the long run, you end up not exercising and you are back to square one. Running may be the thing that will help you stay on track. Many runners claim that once they started and made a commitment to running, it was easier to become a habit to do it on a regular basis. It is almost like they have become addicted to it and instead of feeling like it is a chore to exercise, they actually enjoyed it. The problem is, sometimes it is impossible to get outside and run because of the weather. It is a good idea to have backup plans if the weather is bad or there is not enough time to run because of other commitments. So check for a treadmill sale to add to a home gym along with Olympic plates, weights and other equipment. Having a home gym is great for the entire family to use. Many fitness experts suggest you have a variety of activities during the week to make it more interesting and you are more likely to stick with your fitness plan for a long time.

Another way to keep on track with running is to plan to participate in a marathon or organized run. If you think a marathon, at more than twenty-five miles, is too much, consider a 5K run, which is just a little over three miles. The point is not how long you run for, but the fact that you have committed to something and you will need to stay on track. This motivates you to get out and keep up with your running plan because you know that people are expecting something from you.

Finding a buddy is another great way to stick with a running plan. Relying on someone else and having them rely on you to stay motivated helps both of you. It also pushes you to try harder because you can be competitive with someone else. Healthy competition fuels you to practice and to try to do more than you normally would. Even on days when you are not feeling up to running or you would rather find something else to do, like lay around on the couch and watch television, your buddy will get you going.

Creating a schedule is another way to stick with running. It is easy when you are trying to exercise to get distracted by other things. There will always be work to do, chores to take care of and fun things to do instead. With a schedule, the time for running is already planned.

Finally, reward yourself when you do stick to running. Create small goals and as you achieve them, recognize your accomplishment. Knowing there is a reward for your hard work, even more than being healthy and fit, will keep you on track. On days when running is a challenge, you can think of your reward and know that you have made a commitment to yourself to stick with it. It may be just the extra boost you need to get you going on the tough days. If there is a day you are not up to running, you can use your home gym!

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