How To Deal With Menopause Depression

One of the concerns women have in later life is depression.Changes to their bodies can cause them to feel less feminine and cause them to withdraw from their noraml lifestyle.

Change of life is a natural process by which women, usually 45-55, begin to have changes physically, emotionally and mentally. Because of the changes to the women’s body , depression is a big concern. This is, in part to the hormonal changes that their bodies are going through. About one year after a woman’s last menstrual period, she can begin to experience negative signs that would lead us to suspect that she is indeed going through menopause. A woman naturally has a decline in her reproductive hormones, estrogen and progesterone. Progesterone, the hormone that regulates her monthly period will be produced less, causing ovulation to become less predictable. The reproductive cycle in women is regulated by a hormone called estrogen. Menopausal changes will begin to occur when the level of estrogen in the body starts reducing. Women sometimes will be depressed due to these body changes. Women can develop facial or body hair, decrease in breast firmness,weight gain and irritability. This is a good time for a woman to visit with her physician, to diagnosis the “change of life”.

There are multiple reasons why a woman may go through, what is called symptoms menopause.. Some women may experience a early total hysterectomy, which is the removal of all the female reproductive organs. Hysterectomy may be performed due to irregular or heavy periods,or due to development of tumours or cysts. Other women may experience this, due to chemo or radiation therapy.

Symptoms of the menopause can vary from one female to the next. Depression, being of high concern, is not the only thing that a women should expect to occur. There are other changes that can occur.Vaginal dryness, pain in intercourse, vaginal itching Changes in sleep pattern or sleep disturbance Increased abdominal fat, possibly due in part to the increase in craving carbohydrates. Thinning hair Acne Weight gain Memory loss Fatigue Mood changes Depression Hot flashes

Depression, one of the symptoms for menopause is also a mental disorder. One should suspect possible depression if sleep has been disturbed, sadness persists more than 2 weeks, there is a feeling of inadequacy, lack of interest in participating in particular activities ,that have been an interest prior to this change. Usually there is a pre-existing history of depression prior to the signs of the menopause symptoms. Depression should not go untreated, so be sure and make an appointment to discuss it as soon as possible. Depression can be easily treated and should not go untreated. Women should make an appointment with their physician.. It may be that the depressed female may just need replacement hormone therapy, vitamins, antidepressants or some sort of mood altering medication, which her physician could prescribe.

There are also some life style changes and home remedies that will aid in lowering the negative symptoms and making one feel better about themselves and no female has to live with the depression.

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