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The Acai Berry Shows Potential

Over the past five years, the acai berry has gained widespread popularity, being advertised as a “wonder fruit” that can cure virtually every illness known to man. While scientists agree that the acai berry has an amazing nutritional profile, there is little clinical evidence to support these claims. A small, purple fruit that grows on …

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Eating Right With the Acai Berry

America’s fascination with the acai berry originated from a segment with Dr. Oz on the Oprah show. He compiled a list of foods that everybody who’s eating right should be consuming. Acai berry was on the list. Dr. Oz told the audience that this fruit is a wonderful source of antioxidants and could possibly help …

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Important Acai Berry Information

There is plenty acai berry information floating about the internet and most of it is spot on in the information it provides. However, most of those people that write the information on these web pages have never used acai berry in their lives, and are simply iterating what they have read from books or other …

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