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Why is Acetaminophen Liver Damage So Hard to Recognize?

The generic name for over-the-counter drugs such as Tylenol® and prescription medications such as Vicodin® and Percoset® is acetaminophen (APAP). Under normal use the drug is usually considered to be safe. However, medical practitioners believe that if you take more than the recommended amount or if you take acetaminophen and also drink 3 or more …

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What is the Most Common Form of Acute Liver Failure in the US?

As a result of taking a very popular medication that is available over the counter or by prescription, approximately 50,000 people in the United States have to go to the emergency room every year. And, because some people take overdoses of this medication, unintentionally, approximately 500 people per year die. What is this drug? The …

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Is This Common Over-the-Counter Medication Safe?

There is a very common drug that has been sold to millions of people in pharmacies and supermarkets across the country for many years that has been the reason that approximately 50,000 people per year go to hospital emergency rooms. And this particular drug has been the cause of about 500 deaths in the United …

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