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Hylands Defend Sinus

Temporarily relieves: sinus pain, pressure, headache, and congestion due to the common cold or allergies.* 100% Natural, Non-Drowsy, Safe and Effective, Hyland’s DEFEND Sinus stimulates your body’s natural healing response to relieve nasal congestion symptoms. This product’s classic formula offers reliable relief for a range of congestions including stuffy, blocked, thick, watery, or burning nasal …

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Ancient Headache Treatments

Treatments for headaches thru out history included prayers and sacrifices to the spirits to make them happy, or applying an extremely unpleasant material such as goat dung to chase the spirits away. These treatments may have been successful in helping the pain as a result of the placebo effect, since the patients believed that the …

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Breathe Away Your Head Ache

Without oxygen, the human body cannot survive more than just a few minutes. As a matter of fact, even before the body itself dies, you will lose consciousness. This just shows you exactly how important oxygen is and in many cultures, the air we breathe is considered to be our life. In reality, many of …

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