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Sinolm All-Natural Nasal Spray with MucoAd

Sinol-M nasal spray contains a mixture of natural ingredients among which capsicum – the extract from chilli pepper plant is believed to be the active component that provides relief from allergy, sinus congestion and headache. Sinolm All-Natural Nasal Spray with MucoAd – Fast Allergy & Sinus Relief Sinolm All-Natural Nasal Spray with MucoAd – Fast …

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Ancient Headache Treatments

Treatments for headaches thru out history included prayers and sacrifices to the spirits to make them happy, or applying an extremely unpleasant material such as goat dung to chase the spirits away. These treatments may have been successful in helping the pain as a result of the placebo effect, since the patients believed that the …

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Migraine Relief

Migraine ReIief™ combines natural homeopathic remedies for headaches and migraines with lethal ingredients to enhance normal circulation and brain health. Used at the first sign of symptoms, or taken regularly as a preventative, Migraine Relief™ may help: • Quickly relieve symptoms • Reduce severity and frequency • Return sooner to normal activities Migraines are typically …

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