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A.Vogel Liver Gallbladder Tablets

Supports healthy liver and gallbladder function* Supports natural cleansing of toxins* Supports good digestion* Unique combination of 5 herbs to enhance liver and gallbladder function The liver performs many vital functions in the body. It stores vitamins and minerals, produces bile which is required for the breakdown of fat and is the main organ involved …

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Choledrene – Natural Approach to Healthy Cholesterol

The Safe, Natural, and Scientific Approach to Healthy Cholesterol Levels Monascus purpureus (the main cholesterol-lowering agent in Choledrene® has been grown as a food preservative, natural colorant in the production of red rice wine and red bean curd, and general medicinal aid in China for roughly 1,200 years. It is Important to note that monascus …

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2-Day Detox Plan

The 2-Day Detox Plan is a quick and easy detoxification program* specifically aimed to eliminate or neutralize toxins through the many detoxifying organs of the body.* It can be effective for cleansing and purifying the whole body after a heavy weekend, or after times of prolonged stress. The 2-Day Detox Plan contains powerful antioxidants* and …

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