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Sprunk-Jansen Weightlevel

A natural weight loss aid There is nothing new about wanting to manage your weight. And WEIGHLEVEL™ is a completely natural way to help your weight loss plans. It contains four herb extracts that suppress your appetite and stimulate your metabolism, and this helps your body deal with food more effectively. Used for centuries Herbs …

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Glucose Level by Sprunk-Jansen

Supports blood sugar levels already within the normal range Sometimes we feel tired for no particular reason. Our energy levels can fall. Supports blood sugar GLUCOSE LEVEL helps to support glucose metabolism and to maintain insulin levels already within the normal range. GLUCOSE LEVEL uses four plant extracts – Nettle, Salt Bush, Walnut and Olive …

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Cholesterol Level by Sprunk-Jansen

Keeps your heart healthy CHOLESTEROL LEVEL is a completely natural way to help support a healthy heart. Healthy lifestyle People in the Far East and Mediterranean live longer and stay fitter. In CHOLESTEROL LEVEL we’ve combined two of the things that have helped them achieve their healthy lifestyles – Japanese Loquat and Southern European Olive. …

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