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Cor-Complex™ Heart Health by Sedona Labs

Cor-Complex™ Heart Health Difference Cor-Complex™ is formulated with potent natural antioxidants and a powerful B Vitamin complex for complete daily heart health support. * B Vitamins and a potent antioxidant, N-Acetyl Cysteine, support healthy lipoprotein(a) and homocysteine levels within a normal range for cardiovascular health support. *Astaxanthin, a premier antioxidant sourced from microalgae, helps maintain …

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IFlora Nasal Health

Sinus Support

Iflora Nasal support is based on a breakthrough clinical study that examined the connection between probiotic supported immune health and nasl sinus health. Benefits:  Supports healthy nasl sinuses, daily and seasonally. Breaks up mucus to help naturally flush out irritant. Support a strong daily and seasonal immune system. Available on http://www.supersizehealth.com IFlora Nasal Health SuperSizeHealth.com …

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Zymaflora Acid Balance Formula

ZymaFlora® capsule contain a special gas-free fiber that supports normal colon detoxification, which may further alleviate unwanted gas and bloating.* Take ZymaFlora® Acid Balance Formula to maintain normal, healthy digestion every day.* This unique blend of probiotics, enzymes, and FOS fiber supports healthy digestion. Food that stays too long in the digestive tract triggers occasional …

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