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Axum Ethiopian Honey Beverage

Axum Traditional Ethiopian Honey Beverage (100% Natural ) is made with pure raw honey which is rich in B Vitamins, vitamin A, C, K and U, potassium, iron, calcium, magnesium, proteins, etc. Axum Honey beverage is made with pure raw honey which is an emulsifier, breaks up fat and mucus, helps you to loose weight …

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Africanmanback Tonic – Sundial

Made from a combination of roots and barks from Ghana West Africa, where this formula is traditionally used for all weaknesses in male reproductive system, spine, nerves and as a treatment for impotence. So if you are not functioning up to par, lacking strength and stamina, remember the strength of the reproductive organs, reflects the …

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Sundial Ashanti

Are you overweight, tired all the time, lacking vitality, and would like to drop a few inches from waist line, increase energy level? Take Sundial Ashanti Weight Loss, Appetite Curber and Energy Lifter. And start to look and feel good about yourself. This traditional herbal formula consisting of herbs from the Caribbean, South America, and …

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Sundial Kormantee – Stomach

The ingredients in this products is traditionally used by the people of Africa, Caribbean and Latin America to clean out the stomach, intestines and colonic area of waste matter and help relieve constipation. Please click here for more information: Sundial Kormantee SuperSizeHealth.com – The nutritional supplement source for unique health products. Bookmark to: Hide Sites