Brewers Yeast

Twinlab Brewers Yeast

Twinlab Brewers Yeast has been recognized on a storehouse of 100% pure natural nutrients without added vitamins or minerals. It should not be confused with "brewers type yeast" or "brewers molasses grown yeast" for these yeast are primary grown. One heaping tablespoon provides all the essential amino acids, minerals trace elements. You can sprinkle it on food, use it as a seasoning or mix it with milk, juices, soups, gravies, and casseroles. Twinlab Brewers yeast contains a small amount of calories and sodium for those on restricted diets.

Twinlab Brewers Yeast also contains naturally occurring amounts of vitamin B12, calcium, phosphorous, potassium, magnesium, copper, iron, manganese and chromium.

Contains absolutely no preservative, fructose, honey, sugars or any additives.


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