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Collagen Herbal Beauty Mist Formulation:





DEIONIZED WATER - neutral pH, free of minerals or other contaminants. The purest, most stable form of water.

ALOE EXTRACT - Soothing natural astringent provides extra moisture and aids in normal cell renewal. Emollient.

PROPYLENE GLYCOL - Humectant, dispersant.

UREA - Humectant

FENNEL EXTRACT - Soothing herb. Relieves skin of redness and tight, dry feeling

HOPS EXTRACT - Toning herb. Helps restore healthy color. Astringent provides tightness to tissue and reduces appearance of pores. Provides amino acids for healthy cell renewal. Antiseptic. Speeds flow of surface fluids to improve removal of impurities.

CHAMOMILE EXTRACT - Strong anti-inflammatory and desensitizing herb, especially on surface blood vessels and lower skin tissue. Helps reduce pain, works against irritation caused by irritants. Natural healing agent and skin softener. Provides conditioning and highlights to hair.

BALM MINT EXTRACT - Soothing and stimulating herb from the mint family. Helps calm skin of uncomfortable feeling due to irritation.

MISTLETOE EXTRACT - Stimulating herb that helps purge cells of impurities and increase internal nutritional factors. Helps restore color.

ALLANTOIN - An extraction from the comfrey root used as a soothing skin agent and to promote healing. Stimulates the growth healthy tissues. Works with aging akin problems or problems due to poorly functioning skin metabolism.

RETINOL - Vitamin A, a "skin vitamin". Promotes new cell development, regulates oil glands. Helps restore skin texture, softens and smoothes.

TOCOPHEROL - Vitamin E, natural. Antioxidant, works to slow causes of aging by strengthening collagen and elastin fibers, firming tissue in the skin's surface. Used in burn clinics and recommended by many plastic surgeons to work against scar formation. Promotes blood flow, is used as a natural preservative to prevent oxidation in skin care products.

CALCIUM D-PANTOTHENATE - Part of the Vitamin B complex, helps regulate skin's metabolic functions, producing healthier-acting, healthier looking skin.

INOSITOL - Vitamin B8, revitalizes skin's appearance. Works against the cause of dull, lackluster complexions. Regulates oil glands and conditions the skin. A vital element in the formation of cell enzymes.

BIOTIN- Vitamin H, important in the growth of skin tissue and for the composition and amount of oil released by the sebaceous glands. Controls excess oiliness, reduces cause of blemishes. Helps regulate dry skin. Adds body and shine to hair.

HORSE CHESTNUT EXTRACT- Herb, helps stimulate circulation to naturally remove impurities lying in skin tissue and increase nutrient supply. Excellent for skin problems caused by poor circulation.

ESSENTIAL FATTY ACIDS- Vitamin F, a blend of Arachidonic Acid, l Linoleic Acid and Linolenic Acid. Natural active substances which must be supplied to the body for its correct functioning. Acts on lower cell tissues. Helps control the skin's metabolism and keep it soft, smooth and youthful looking by making sure old, dead surface skin cells are shed as they lose their usefulness. Excellent for chapped, flaking skin. A proven agent in controlling the flow and composition of sebum released by the oil glands.

METHYLPARABEN- Organic preservative. Inhibits formation of certain forms of mold, yeast fungus and bacteria in water phase.

GLYCOL ROSEMARY EXTRACT- Antiseptic herb, acts as a protective tonic. Decongests surface tissue so skin is vibrant. An astringent and stimulate as well, it aids in the healing process.

IMIDAZOLIDINYL EXTRACT- Organic preservative soluble in oil and water. Works with methyl and parabens to protect against a broad spectrum of bacteria. Also effective against certain forms of yeast, mold and fungi.

SOLUBLE COLLAGEN- Protein fiber found in skin ( extracted from Bovine tissue), helps build water level by holding moisture filled fibers close to skin's surface. Products younger looking, suppler skin due to increased moisture content. Works to decrease lines and wrinkles caused by lack of moisture. Soluble collagen is young non-crosslinked collagen and is the ingredient to watch for in collagen-containing cosmetics. Collagen can be utilized by the skin to raise its moisture level, increase elastically, improve the function of the capillaries and sooth the complexion's surface.

Sorry, this product will not be available until March 2008

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