Earths Bounty Bladderex

Herbal Bladder Formula

Cranberry juice can be helpful as a preventative for the bladder, but if you have an immediate need, only BLADDEREX contains a proven synergistic herbal combination that starts to work immediately. Most men and women feel results within hours. Promote a healthy Bladder - naturally...with Bladderex!

Your Checklist for Better Health:

Ingredients: Proprietary blend of Coin-Leaved Desmodium (leaves), Corn (silk), Abrus (root), Herba Pyrosiee (leaves), Smilax Glabra (root).
Other ingredients: Acacia Gum, Magnesium Stearate

Customer Experiences:

“I suffered from a chronic urinary tract infection. The conventional prescription of antibiotics . . . just was not helping. I took 2 tablets three times a day . . . I feel normal again. I highly recommend this product . . . it’s truly a miracle.”

Jeanette R., Laramie, WY

“I used your product Bladderex when I started having problems . . . and I no longer had the problem thanks to Bladderex and Earth’s Bounty.”

Sue B., Waldport, OR

“I highly recommend Bladderex to all my customers who have urinary tract or bladder infections with supreme confidence that it will work. Thank you Earth’s Bounty for creating such a solution driven product.”

Debbie L., Simply Natural, Sunrise FL


Is BLADDEREX better for bladder infections than cranberry juice or supplements?
Yes. Cranberry juice and extracts can be helpful, but their effectiveness is mainly in preventing an infection from starting. Once you have an immediate need, we guarantee you will prefer the synergistic herbal formula in BLADDEREX for its faster-acting and more effective results.

When should you use BLADDEREX?
At the first sign that you need a bladder supplement, take two tablets three times daily. Most people only need it for about 3 days.

Is it safe?
Yes. Each of the herbs in BLADDEREX has been used safely for hundreds of years. This proven formula has also been used by naturopathic doctors for many years. BLADDEREX, like all Earth’s Bounty products, is manufactured under the strictest procedures and highest quality standards.

Sometimes, when I cough, my bladder leaks a little. Will this help?
It may. BLADDEREX has worked with leaky bladders for both women and men.

Why is the formula all herbal?
Herbs are Mother Nature’s most natural and potent helpers. They can help nourish and tone the bladder—gently, safely, and effectively. Herbs also work on the cause of the problem rather than just the symptoms.

Herb Function

The following are brief descriptions of the ingredient herbs in BLADDEREX.

Coin-leaved Desmodium (Jin Qian Cao)
In Traditional Chinese Medicine, coin-leaved desmodium is used for water retention, promoting urination, removing toxins, and relieving swelling. It is an excellent diuretic and also kills bacteria. It stimulates the secretion of bile and improves the function of the gall bladder and liver.

Cornsilk (Yu Mi Xiu)
This herb is a mild diuretic, which strengthens the general health of the urinary tract by increasing chloride excretion and dilating the capillaries. The Chinese and Native Americans alike have long used cornsilk as one of the best remedies for the kidney, bladder, and prostate.

Abrus Root
This herb increases the level of antibodies in the body by stimulating the liver function of producing natural antibodies.

Pyrosia Leaf (Shi Wei)
This herb increases white blood cell production, thus stimulating the immune system to kill a wide range of viruses. Chinese herbalists recommend this herb for kidney stones, nephritis and urinary tract infections.

Smilax Glabra Root (Tu Fu Ling)
This herb is a diuretic and mild relaxant, commonly combined in formulas with cornsilk to treat urinary tract infections.


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