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Mangosteen tangerine sized fruit from Thailand is perhaps the worlds most perfect Anti-Oxidant. Anti-Oxidants reduce free radicals that can cause a wide variety of health problems, starting on the basic cellular level. Mangosteen is a stronger anti-oxidant than either Vitamin E or C! Mangosteen contains over 40 types of Xanthones - a unique group of important anti-oxidants that naturally help strengthen your body's cells, tissues & organs. Mangosteen also contains catechins, polyphenols & other healthy bio-active nutrients. Mangosteen is so vital because anti-oxidants are the first line of defense in maintaining & regaining good health.

Earth's Bounty Mangosteen joice is made from only fresh ripe fruit - 100% Natural - No preservatives or additives 100% Juice - No added water - Full 1 liter of juice - 33% more than some others - All Vegetarian & Vegan - Best Value


16 oz.
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