O2 SPRAY® Oxygen Skin Spray

O2 Spray

A natural, unique bio-cleansing spray—specially formulated to cleanse, refresh and promote healthier, more vibrant and radiant skin. Oxygen-rich compounds help to combat ultraviolet rays, pollution, airborne toxins and germs.

Ingredients: Deionized Water, Sodium Chlorite, Sodium Chloride, Sodium Carbonate.

Suggested use: Hold bottle 4-6 inches from skin and spray in sweeping motion. Air or pet dry. For best results use after skin has been cleaned. Use 1-2 times daily as needed or recommended by your Health Care Professional.

Customer Experiences:

“Since I have been spraying my face with your product after my shower each day, I have noticed a remarkable improvement in its look and feel. Several of my coworkers have commented how much healthier my skin looks.”
Chris K., Los Angeles, CA

“I struggled with adult acne for over a year . . . then, within a few weeks (of using your product), my problem was completely gone. Now, whenever blemishes occur, I begin using O2 Spray again and they go away.”
Sue B., Waldport, OR

“I've found it remarkably effective for a wide variety of skin conditions, including acne, superficial burns, dry skin, lacerations and abrasions. Patients have been impressed by the ease of use, the absence of stinging and burning, and most importantly, the rapid improvement in their skin. I recommend O2 Spray for anyone looking for a safe and natural alternative to creams and ointments, which can deprive the skin of vital oxygen. With O2 Spray, we can see prompt improvement in oxygen supply to the skin, the best way I know to improve its health and youthfulness.”
Stephen A. Center, M.D.


O2 SPRAY is a natural, unique bio-cleansing spray. It is specially formulated to cleanse, refresh, clean, and promote healthier, more radiant skin. Use it on acne, superficial burns, cuts, abrasions and most skin irritations. Oxygen-rich compounds help to combat ultraviolet rays, pollution, airborne toxins and germs. It is scientifically designed to release oxygen and other beneficial compounds on contact with your skin. Many people use O2 SPRAY with their animals for cuts and bites. O2 SPRAY promotes healing and can be a good alternative to hydrogen peroxide—as recommended in the “Veterinarians Guide to Natural Remedies for Dogs” Martin Zucker, p. 236 (O2 SPRAY was previously named “OXY-MIST”).

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